I visited Brooklyn Brainery!

It’s not HackerSpace, but I have wanted to visit.

This facility gather people who want to teach something and who want to take classes.

Founder of here, J SOMA, want to provide community as accessible, community-driven, crowdsourced education.

There are two big class rooms.
One is arranged many chairs on the front of black board above.

Another room have a kitchen.
Many kinds of tools are there.
When I visited, a class “Make Your Own Mints” opened.
Is it too cute for me?
In fact, I want to take other class about craft or technology.
However, their were all full because of popularity.
value of cooking classes or making something classes:  about $25-$30
value of classes with out materials:  about $10-$20
(Just for reference.)

In Japan, some cooking classes needs ¥4000-¥5000 for join.
So It’s accessible.

Because of value is working of volunteer teacher.
Perhaps they want to teach something they know if low income.

I surprised to members.
They are almost women.
It’s different point from HackerSpace.
Additionally that was a range of age groups!
That’s good and interesting!

While I talk to you, classes go next step.
They add flavor and eatable colors into candy….
Cut and form…

Dry with fun…

It’s Completed!!

Candies they made was so unique!
I can’t sea them as a candy, Ha ha ha…

Today’s teacher of making candy is Mr.SOMA
In fact he is founder of this wonderful facility.
He is very kind and nice guy!

I thought it’s an answer that why this facility gather many people and especially women!!

I enjoyed visiting.

And I like it.