I visited Otavalo for about 2 hours from Quito by bus.

There are so many people in bus terminal.
They come Quito for business or go to market of Otavalo.

Can you see the red box with a picture of chicken?
Chicken was crying in the box.

A bus, I rode.

That was a good road.
We can watch movie with front TV.

We can see any kind of sight through the window.

After over 2 hours, I arrived at Quito.

Right a way, I found a shop of junk for food processor.
A woman who wear traditional clothes was talking with shop master

A cat in the bag… I wonder if…..
Right pic is bike of KTM! Cool!

These are traditional goods in Otavalo.

Goods with bead.

Many cute goods…Cap on the right pic is ….It’s copy!?

doll and corn.
Corn looks so yammy!
They eat corn with cheese…

Picture is so good too!

These are traditional costume.

Raw shell…I can’t eat.
Right pic seems machine of ice cream.

And at last…..


Otavalo was a good place for arts and crafts.
Music is also!

Many artists from Otavala play an active roll all over the world.
That is great!!