In Quito my friend invited me a factory of signboard.
After met at Quito, she took me by bus, bus, and bus!
Then we reached to a small town.
She told me that, an air port will build near the town.
Because of that the town is growing now.

When I visited there, we could heard noise.
That was made by steel cutter and hammer hit iron.

Her husband Jose introduce me the factory.
First he show me a big LASER cutter.
He bought that from Chaina.
I can’t believe that I could saw  LASER cutter in this town at Quito…

And it’s CNC router.
This is made in China too.
They laugh and said, I stick the logo sticker after I bought the machine.
So it will be a copy…

We could see a new space just panted with white paint.
Like that space makes creative mind excited!

This is a tool for bend a steel bar.
It’s looks useful.

And shearing.
It’s cut metal sheet.

This is bender.

And cutting plotter.

Any kind of paint, bond, and other materials are there.

I saw a playground equipment there.
It looks hand-made!
I like these kind of work very much.
They had any other equipment, e.g., big ink-jet printer, welder…
Those were enough to make something we want to make!
That was great time, thanks Mr.Jose and Ms.Iris!!